Episode 5 Series 1

So as you know our heroes fainted but to their surprise(not really) THEY WERE FIRED FROM THE CASE!

ARN: We have to continue! We were sooo close.

ANS: Listen we were fired…it means we are off the case!

ARN: but you don’t have to be on a case to investigate..WAIT WE HAVE A COPY OF THE PLAN AND THE CODE THAT’S IT WE NEED TO DO , SOLVE THAT CODE,BUT HOW?

ANS: Don’t ask me

ARN: We need some help…don’t we , lets see , wait our partners from the Agency!



Episode four series 1

(Narrator) “Today our agents are going to the museum. They have found every possible way of getting in and getting out, so they arrived, but not in plain site, but in disguise. They had acted like newly made guards but then they had gotten confused, because the robber didn’t arrive. So, they called there master, he said he’ll come later. Then suddenly a massive kick came out of nowhere, they got kicked super hard that they lost there camouflage suit. Meanwhile the robber had broken the glass, taken the diamond and had ran away. The agents were so disappointed in themselves that they had lost the case, or did they?